Friday, January 31, 2014

Dan Christensen does an essay on the State 'audit'

Nothing enrages me more than the corporate double speak coming out of Trimet Management over the State Audit. A State Audit that found us wanting in two specific areas.
Managing our money and Safety issues.
Now lets stop for a moment and think of this.
Two of the most important things Trimet managment does is, Managing Millions and Safety, right? So imagine this conversation just before you take off in a plane.

Mr Trimet Management Pilot, “I want you to feel at ease on my plane. First I’m a great Pilot… not so good at Landing and flying but I'm still a great pilot" 
Reasonable Person "Wait what did you say?"
Mr Trimet Managment Pilot, "I said landing a flying, not so good at that part of it but I'm still a great Pilot. 
Reasonable Person "Wait what did you say?"
Mr Trimet Management Pilot, “Look I suck at flying and landing but I can Taxii this plane around the ground like a wild man, When it comes to a good Taxi move I'm the best there is and when it comes to Preflight checks I’m in the top five ever. You got Chuck Yeager maybe Neil Armstong and but I’m a good third at the Pre-flight check. Oh and announcements, get out of here! I do the best announcements in the world. Flying and landing not so hot but everything else I knock the ball out of the park and hey... I look the part right. Look how snappy I am in my uniform.
Reasonable Person,“Yes that's all fine and good but Landing and Flying? You suck at landing and flyingI” 
Mr Trimet Management Pilot “Oh don’t get me wrong I’ve been flying for forty years so I know a thing or two. This flying and landing is a bit exaggerated in importance but don’t be scared there was an audit done  by the FAA of my flying skills and I implementing everything on this list of improvements” 
Reasonable Person, “Wait… list? you been flying for decades and you still got a List?”
Mr Trimet Management Pilot, “I’m doing everything they say… What more can I do” 
Reasonable Person, “I’m not flying with you”
Mr Trimet Management Pilot, “Oh come on.”
Reasonable Person,“Before the FAA Audit you were saying you welcomed it… You were doing everything right and yet you got a list?” 
Mr Trimet Management Pilot, “Don’t blow this all out of proportion. I was sure I was doing everything right before but now I'm for sure SURE double sure I'm doing Everything Right” 
When you boil it down this is the kind of talk coming out of Trimet.
No one would fly on a Mr. Trimet Piloted plane. That would be crazy! what is even more crazy is the talk you hear coming out of Trimet.
If after al this time our Ace Management could not succeed at the two most important tasks we have to do what makes you think that any and I mean ANY solution they impliment will have a meaningful effect? If they are that good would they not have realized their own shortcomings in these two very important areas? Two areas they were bragging about doing so well in not more than six months ago?
I can tell you right now that every day the Managment Team at Trimet gathers in a circle and holds hands and says a little prayers to the Transit gods that some other goverernment group screws up so the publics attentions will shift away from Trimet. Maybe a police shoots, cooruption at the state level or perhaps a plane crash.. possible a crash by a Pilot who was not so hot at Flying and Landing... Amen

State Audit Of Trimet... "Would you fly with Trimet Management Pilots?" - Roll Easy Blog

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