Friday, January 31, 2014

Trimet audit whitewash BULLSHIT

I'm just starting now to read and digest this BS audit but on page 2 we can immediately see the the people doing the audit completely missed what front line employees told them. As Bruce Hansen said, the message seems to be TriMet management is doing a terrific job, they just aren't telling the workers about it.” What employees REALLY told the auditor was this: they have never seen the workplace culture at TriMet more toxic than it is now. How could the auditor miss that? They missed it because they wanted to miss it obviously.

Now in the second paragraph the finding may be true but did not get qualified. They might be conducting the interview etc but is any of that actually being acted on?

 Without interviewing people on the other side of the coin the auditors conclusions are nothing but a rehash of the Trimet public relations department. It is identical to  the Trimet paid for audit on the public records department. They didn't interview even one person who has requested public documents. The should have asked JOE ROSE what he thought about that.

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MAX Redline said...

Oh, come on - that's a little over the top, don't ya think? I mean, TriMet is all about improvement. I read it here: