Sunday, November 1, 2015

Are Trimet mechanics getting screwed out of their tool allowance?

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Jason McHuff said...

When I first saw this issue, I had to check the "official" public copy of the contract and, sure enough, it's in there. It's also in the wage tables on print page 96/PDF page 53.

I do think there's a good argument that the second sentence (describing specific increases) merely reinforces/details the first one, and does not mean that those are the only increases and that they stop after that. And it's a good amount of money when the full increases and years are considered.

Also, the statement "The District will furnish one (1) set of metric tools" is ambiguous. It could mean that one and only one set will be provided and, like the Staples TV commercial, a mechanic at one garage is to travel to wherever the set currently is and borrow them.