Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jonathan Maus stirs the shit

Jonathan knows how to create controversy
Jonathan has been around a long long time, longer then even me! And he knows how to stir up the shit when he wants to. His blog BIKEPORTLAND is one of the top Portland blogs, if not the most popular blog in Portland. Anybody that has lived in Portland knows that the bicyclist community is more like a CULT and has tremendous political influence in this one party rule city. Maus has direct lines into all the influential political leaders.
Nobody wants to cross him because he is the leader of the so called PORTLAND BIKE NAZIS and those people can raise holy hell when they want to. The bicyclist community, tho tiny in numbers  (6%) they wield tremendous political and mainstream media influence. There has always been an unfriendly relationship between this bicyclist group and Trimet bus drivers. There have been three major incidents between bloggers who work at Trimet and the bicycle group.

 The first blow up was involving myself. That situation happened due to my baiting the members of BikePortland over some other incident. The members of that group  were so enraged that they made up false complaints against me which then lead to my suspension and eventually a Trimet policy change. I can't blame Maus for how that ended up although it was his group  that perpetuated the crimes against me.

The second incident has to do with DAN CHRISTENSEN who did absolutely nothing except write a short story. It turned out that THOUGHT CRIMES are a serious matter for Trimet union employees  that write. They  are not permitted to write short fictional stories if the "thoughts" are not in line with Trimet policy. Anyway Dan paid dearly for that, that was recently covered on this blog as a GREAT MOMENT IN TRIMET HISTORY. This whole controversy was created by Jonathan

Now we have a third "tempest in a teapot " this one involving the latest Trimet operator to take on the adventures of being a Trimet bus driver From the driver’s side written by the Deacon in Blue! Maus skillfully re-posts passages that can seem controversial which can provoke a response from his readers:

This blog will put you inside a TriMet bus operator’s head
 And a response they do get!
It's definitely  worth the read , my favorite comment is this one:
 'disgruntled Trimet employee'  "gonzo blogger" "bully" and "stalker" are among the multiple allegations against me!
After looking through all the comments I think The Deacon and his supporters got more thumbs up than the critics!
Good Job Deacon!

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