Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Letter to Harry Sapporta from a current Trimet driver

to SaportaH, McFarlaN, NelsonR, WarrenE, WhiteP, JensonK, BishopM
Harry we spoke a couple of months ago about the drivers side mirror on the 3000 series buses. You told me if I had not heard back from you by the end of October to remind you. You said that you would put together a committee that included me to find a resolve for this safely hazard. Looking forward to hearing from you. DM

3000 series busses
*     Left side drivers mirror critically restricts, blocks vision area, at intersections and for left hand turns.
*     Response: Been told that person needs to be retrained or totally ignore the issue when brought up.
*     Window extension blocks vision. Especially at narrow intersections
*     Shadows, lights and reflections bounce off windows.
*     Light panel is above your head (difficult to read if you wear glasses).
*     Seats cannot be lowered if you’re a short statue person.
*     Turn signal controls to close/narrow. (Got my foot caught while driving in a 3200).
*     Seat belt catches and is hard to get out.
*     Rear door that stays open.
*     Inside windshield not clean, creating glare during the day and night when lights hit it.
*     Inside audible bells and announcements are shrill.