Friday, November 27, 2015

Prolific bus driver Leonard James has left Trimet under suspicious circumstances

Leonard was one of the most popular bus drivers since I've been involved with Trimet. Loved by his riders Leonard was one of the best "old school" bus drivers. The "old school" means that drivers 'back in the day' (they are all disappearing now) drove their buses as they saw fit. Transit agencies allowed individual drivers to pretty much to do whatever they wanted in performing their tasks. It's only in the last decade that transit drivers have been subject to endless  interference from overly bureaucratized  transit management.  Rumor has it that Leonard was pretty much 'forced out' by Trimet management. They pretty much make life miserable if they want to. Yes this does happen at Trimet, as I myself can testify too. (This has been disputed by a union rep Gary Hernandez  but I have it from one of Leonards 'groupies' that Leonard did not want to leave.)   Leonard was involved in the  high profile "stabbing" incident which occurred on the bus 33. That incident is below the break along with a couple other videos I have of Leonard.
I always wondered why Leonard just didn't take work comp (90% of full wage) and just be done with Trimet. Well I knew the answer to that, Leonard loved the job. He loved the work and he loved his riders. It's fascinating indeed that there is not one mention of his leaving Trimet on his facebook page. If it was cordial I am sure he would have mentioned it there.
Good luck Leonard.


Unknown said...

Not one policy has changed since his incident.

Unknown said...

Before you claim to know the whole story, maybe you should hold off and talk to the man himself. Get your facts straight.

Al M said...

He left -we know that

He left without saying anything -we know that too

We have information from people that know him which is my 'source' and the post is based on that

We can always amend it later if need be