Friday, November 6, 2015

The last days ofTMDriver

This has been one of the most fascinating twitter feeds ever.
We watched this guy move from part time to full time to the extra board then to getting fired.
Some people still think his whole existence was some sort of Trimet set up intended to show drivers how they can easily lose their jobs and to stay away from social media.
I don't see it but you never know with these devious Trimet people.

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Al M said...

I don't see this as a trimet counter intelligence operation but it would be brilliant if it was. He comes in as an undercover and can scope out everything without anyone knowing his working for Trimet. Nah. He was a nice guy that just got fucked by those trimet scumbags cause they didn't like his social media power. Why they didn't bother to tell him to quit it is beyond me.

But you never know. This is all very weird when you see it laid out like this