Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trimet bus 4 riders are worried that the Trimet BRT project will degrade their services

Bus 4+9 riders have every reason to be concerned over Trimet's next boondoggle.


Jason McHuff said...

The plan as it is has plenty of stops (I would say maybe too many):

Overall, you can't provide curb-front service while also providing fast and efficient service. I don't think it's a negative if riders have to walk a few more blocks in exchange for better stops and service.

In addition, I've read that Division St. now has complete sidewalks in East Portland. But I do agree that any station access issues need to be addressed by the project and whenever stops are eliminated.

Al M said...

You're trying to put forth the argument that you know more than the gentleman that's speaking. I have my doubts that's true. I think he studied this issue comprehensively

Jason McHuff said...

I'm saying that the issues he raised are minor (based on the official information) and outweighed by the benefits. And any actual ones can and should be mitigated by the project.

Al M said...

Based on history I don't believe you. I believe the speaker.

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