Saturday, November 21, 2015

TRIMET refuses to provide even basic safety precautions at MAX pedestrian crossings

I contend that Trimet executives have intentionally ignored very basic safety equipment that could prevent most of these light rail tradgedies. Trimet executives would rather main and kill the public and traumatize it's operators than spend the money to stop these things from happening


Jason McHuff said...

I'm not sure I would call those sliding gates "basic" as they're far more than bells and lights, and I'm not sure there's anywhere else in this country that has them.

Al M said...

Of course nobody is preventing citizen injuries for the reason that Carlin explains and that I agree with.
All these government entities don't care how many average citizens die or get injured.

That's the point. Trimet is the microcosm of the greater problem which is why I am fascinated with it

Al M said...

Jason these are industrywide decisions. The entire public transit industry refuses to address safety issues related to surface light rail. I'm sure they've calculated that paying out claims for death and injury would be less than actually making the crossings safe.

That's how they roll in Murica!

until citizens wake up to the con job this will just go on and on