Monday, July 11, 2016

Trimet can't find people to take their jobs and apparently isn't interested in keeping the employees they currently have

Over on a private face group there is extreme consternation over the current sign up for bus drivers.
While the block sign-ups were supposed to be eliminated trimet but also eliminated some long existing programs, like the part time 3 day workweek which is been around for probably a decade. And this is leading to yet another morale breakdown with operators. This is from a current operator.

Just had a gander at the available slots for Fall 2016 Sign-Up. 

This company might just lose a pretty decent part-timer over this. No over sleeps, no PAs, just happy, on-time, safe driving. 

I'm gutted. 

The reason I stayed part-time was because I could build a decent life outside of the driver's seat, including taking classes to keep my brain growing, and being part of a small writing community that feeds and inspires my creative side (and keeps me happy and balanced when I am behind the wheel). 

I'm really, really sad to have all of that taken away, and really frustrated by the lack of regard for the part-time drivers through all of this.


Steve Fung said...

The three day work week was the only reason I lasted as long as I did before retiring.It's too bad it was eliminated.

Unknown said...

Retaliatory move, nothing more. To spite the employee.