Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trimet cash machine will be handing out the pork today

As we all know (except the governor apparently) Trimet is an independent tax farm (aka Kingdom) currently ruled by Neil Mcfarlane who holds virtually all the power in deciding who gets the tax payer funds that are stolen from the citizens for the advantage of various insiders, businesses, cronies etc etc.
 Of course Trimet pretends its all about the citizens, just like every tax farm does. 

The facade is the most vital aspect of government today.

So lets see who's on Trimet's MOST FAVORED LIST for today's handouts

The first order of business to to get Randy Stedmen more money, $230,000 to be exact.

Next up is some sort of Hispanic propaganda neoliberal thing. That will cost tax payers $800,000

Next up is $24,000,000 for Broadway Cab. Sweet Jesus!

Ross Builders will get $558,655 to paint the Merlo garage

Russel Construction will get $1,261,476 to replace the windows at Merlo garage

The Trimet board of Directors (which I fondly call the board of sock puppets) will approve the TRIMET BUDGET. I found the amount set aside for CONTINGENCIES rather interesting.

The highly beloved PORTLAND STREETCAR will get $7,675,379.

Trimet will be encumbering citizens to another $55,000,000 in bond debt. This is so the banks can remain the most powerful force in human affairs.

CH2M HILL has their hot little hands in almost every government pork project around the entire united states. Here they are getting an extra $820,000 on top of the already approved contract. Hell, why not right, its tax money, more where that came from.

Don't forget about the STACY+WITBECK, a Trimet favorite, they get a nice $126,000 for "pre-construction services". this is eventually a nice neat $200,000,000 pork contract for Trimet's favorite crony construction firm

WES is getting "positive train control", at the bargain basement cost of only $8,359,997. Can't beat that

We all know that Trimet marketing and communications has a bloated staff but apparently the Trimet executives don't agree. They are handing 3 different agencies contracts for marketing services in the
amount of $1.5 million over the course of three years.

Parsons  Brikerhoff (they changed their name) getting a cool $8,200,000 for the Powell Division boondoggle that Trimet is shoving down our throats 

Last but not least we have VOLTEO, INTERNET OF THINGS who will be getting $280,000 to 'consult' about some sort of thing they are adding to light rail vehicles 

But Trimet has no money for a low income pass. 

What a joke

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