Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trimet dispatch/control

Calls from May 2nd

supervisor hopes woman has pants on today

what are supervisors supposed to be doing?

service all stops

"really frustrated that she had to walk a block"

radio not working


follow the paddle!

shuttle missing


what you would call a rat

illegal parker

shuttle supervisor wants Streetcar supervisor

coordinating return of bike

operator misread schedule

another rat

no porta potty at streetcar turn back

Customer Service worker sick

announcement issue

mirror broken but time for train to go


operator wants supervisor vehicle moved

turn signals are pretty

no courtesy stops

car sharing vehicle illegally parked

2 mirror strikes due to stored trains

illegal parkers

crazy woman

no bus, operator waiting

LIFT blocking bus blocking bus

buses blocking stop sign

supervisor says give day ticket

Customer Service workers may be giving wrong info

MAX announcements still wrong

load and go


shuttle lists were wrong

5 shuttles backed up due to mechanical issue

shuttle dying

blind man lost

use the bathroom

supervisor compliments another

shuttle rear ended

swear word

no more doughnuts

Denise Woodward a no show

more issues besides disruption

Yellow, Orange Line trains all bunched up

schedule discrepancy

no relief

the accent


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