Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Calls June 19

Flying door panels
Fun being a lift driver
Fight on bus
Bus rider spitting on other bus riders
Mayple branches threat
Not enough drivers or equipment FAIL
Mirror arm is cracked
Question about dollies and mobility devices
Forgot to get off at kaiser. Courtesy ride. Commendation
Shopping cart criminal
Left behind
Priority. Stuck in the middle of the road
Egg In the head
Fall on max
Orange drink all over the floor
Peeing in the bus shelter
Bus driver not having fun
Bark dust fire
Don’t pass the streetcar
Deters accident report. N.p.a
Dog problems
Cart criminal
Mirror destroyed
Poo and pee
Screwed up dead head
Mr Smith is a problem
Call for the hook
Do we mail checks to Germany
Tunnel is not waterproof
No such thing as a veterans fare discount
Hit the mirror. P.a.
I need you to pull over. Wait for supervisor. She hit barrier
Priority. Route blocked
Why is she late. Must be watching her
Speed bump scraped bus lift
Man down May have fallen off bike
Seizure on bus
Of course the streetcar is blocked
Jason calls daily
Jenkins closed
Favorite accent

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