Friday, June 1, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 31

Calling me derogatory names
Priority. Man needs medical
Priority. Man down
Message from Joyce. Ramp injury
Get out the switch iron. Modern technology ya know
Want supervisor to talk to ‘old lady’. Bus driver misinformed apparently
Bus driver may be in trouble
Mirror shattered
DK on max
Get Gerlock
Woman thought 40’ bus was lift bus
Customer conduct. Move along
She went on a tirade
Bus driver bleeds on seat
Signature gathers permitted. Bus driver misinformed
Dynamic brake fail
Train dead.
Max power failure
Priority. Bus dies
Always mr Cobb
Don’t give them a ride, they throw things at the bus
Mick says paper transfers are suspicious
Priority. Hmmmm. Why is she dealing with this.
Threats and hitting bus shelter
Red knob off platform
Bicyclist down
‘The Australian’
Wrong number
Give them all zones
Lift possible injury must file report
Travails of the lift driver
💤💤💤 (new dispatch voices)
Trip entering bus and is hurting
Bicyclist tells bus driver to call about other bus driver
Operator will circle back to get other operator
Track workers
How would you like to work on these tracks in the middle of the night. No way!
I want this recorded
Bus+rail fails St car
He’s a sandwich short of a picnic with bat

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