Sunday, June 24, 2018

Calls June 21

quick scan

Snafu with water coming in
Priority. Guard rails for the train
Riding bus too long
Bus was egged
Underage and out of it
Van in middle of road without wheels
Child separated on max
Wheelchair weaving in and out of the road
What’s a ‘frequent flyer’
Disrespecting trimet authorities
Dispossessed in da land of da free
I have no clue where I’m at
Bus with insect infestation now on operator
Sick operator. Contact lenses
Worried about on time performance
He spit on the windshield
Lift bus slides off the road into a ditch
Made wrong turn and newbie
Broken mirror
Operator has family emergency
Client stuck on lift
Driver worried that rider will fall over
Not sure what this is about
Lift drivers not having fun
Light rail fails
Customer conduct. Threats
Silent alarm

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