Thursday, June 28, 2018

Calls June 27

Crap trimet equipment

Riding the bus cause there is nowhere else for dispossessed to go
Missed exit
Max mayhem
We’ve got some problems here
Service cat denied
Flailing around
Bus drivers vs bus drivers driving dispatcher crazy
Bus driver worries about riders
Bus stuck facing the wrong way
Loud verbal. Hitting on side of bus
Gate arm
Bus driver vs mechanic
Turn is ridiculous
Silent alarm
Lift bus in crash
Naked guy on bridge
ATS trip
Lift bus hit a bump
Train 87runs over big stick
Daily caller. Dispute with car in transit center
P.a.  Hit wheel well
Lift rider injured in lift bus
20on snow route
People working in row without spotter
Missed turn
Not sure why so many drivers don’t know this
Priority. Power line
Loud verbal. Mouthy. Fare
Forgot cane
Wanted and sweating the fares
Trading buses illegal
Missed turn
Schedules don’t match. Bus driver tries to help
$20into fare box
Amanda will she go
Falls out of wheelchair

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