Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dispatch/Control. June 8 (12:17-24:00)

I am off position
Always tons of problems with light rail
Oh boy. Sounds like bus driver gets 2 p.a’s in one day
She wants to go to the store
Won’t get off bus 75
Bus 78 blues
44 blew by the stop
Bus driver thinks he sees runaway
Bus driver hit sign
Bus driver reports agressive driver
Can’t hear deters. Bus had violent man
He screamed at people
Accident report. Probably p.a.
Their smacking the kid around
Poor girl not having much fun at Trimet. Been following her since the beginning
Seagrams 7
Cyclists vs bus driver
Priority. I made a wrong turn
Missed the stop at 6/main
Accident report. N.p.a.
Get Gerlock
Accident report. N.p.a.
Did someone tell you to go drop off only? 2 mins ago
Accident report. N.p.a.
Mirror. Hit and run
Doesn’t understand message
On time performance is a joke. Too many variables make drivers late
I’m slammed and the guy is 4mins behind me
Car stuck on tracks
Max mayhem
People looking at me screaming
I’m asking this be on a recorded line
He’s drinking an alcoholic beverage
He took a swing at another passenger
Lost In Sherwood
Bus drivers not having fun
It’s taking me 10minutes to go one block
Where’s Arly?
Bus hit something

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