Monday, January 21, 2019

Trimet board meeting on Wednesday-corrected

When you see the vast sums of money going out of here it’s no surprise that Trimet prefers to operate in secrecy

Regarding trimet payroll taxes, they say the new tax law does not allow any exemption for Trimet tax

$2 million from the contingency budget to capital projects, as usual

Giving G4S an additional $1.4 million on top of the $5.2 million. Because this is how government operates. Always money for these sorts of things, but no money to clean buses. It’s the same old story

Giving Kelsey the authority to borrow $60 million, and guess what for ? CAPITAL PROJECTS

Cutting union workers benefits has cut the liability 25%. I always find it interesting that the management pensions are fully funded while the union employees are not. Not surprising of course

Uniform and laundry service

They still haven’t figured out how to do public records. Of course I see a conspiracy theory here. Why would trimet actually want to do public records correctly. Oregon is one of the worst states in the country for public records and trimet is a pretty good example of that

Another $2 million for guess what? Yes it’s CAPITAL PROJECTS!