Monday, February 25, 2019

Trimet secret society meeting Wednesday

who’s getting the pork and what’s going on this month

Looks like $18 million getting disbursed by the secret committee called “special fund advisory committee”. Who knows who’s getting what! Only the secret society members know for sure

Per Trimet SOP, contractors can always come back for more of that fat tax payer pork on demand.
Some real estate broker is getting a bonus on a $25 million dollar deal. Nice to be part of the Trimet secret society

Extra $588,000  for that horrible Inuit communications equipment that lift uses. Nothing pays better than failure when it comes to American Public Transportation
Mo money mo money mo money

The secret society is running some sort of contest For ‘consulting services’ (because we know that the secret society doesn’t believe in doing anything themselves except handing out pork) related to the safety bullshit. The society is handing out $2.5 million MORE because that’s how they do it. Every contract that trimet issues is ALWAYS amended later for additional corporate welfare cause you know why ?  AMERIKA!🇺🇸🇺🇸  Always extra money available for pork contracts.

The secret society is even handing out contracts for FLEET MAINTENANCE because they DONT HAVE ENOUGH MECHANICS. Yup. Read it yourself ! 2 million bucks

And then we have the all time favorite TRIMET CRONY CONTRACTOR-STACY&WITBECK
$2.7 million (with more later of course) AND A SECOND NICE FAT CONTRACT for $17,500,000!
Yup. Millions and millions yet the media lies to us and calls Trimet ‘strapped for cash’

As far as I am concerned Trimet is a secret society of crony capitalists who refuse to let the public how much cash they hand out to their favorite corportate welfare buddies

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