Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bus call October 11

The torture will continue-Kelsey is in Denmark pretending he’s smart
Crossing gates down no trains
Priority. Doesn’t know where reroute is
Missed the turn
She told me to get the fuck out of her face
Glass everywhere shelter
He hit something on reroute
Went wrong way
Also went wrong way. Really messed up
Dogs and Trimet employees
Rider stinks
She moaned and groaned
Strange greasy substance
I hit a car mirror
Swearing at riders, belligerent towards me, and didn’t pay fare

Threatening riders yelling at children
Stop messing with the fares
P.a. Alley
Needs to get to sign up. That’s not a priority
Trimet lift dumps guy at transit center
Needs ambo
Nobody answered
Lost and confused
Insane woman
Mirror falls off after hitting bump
Woman lights cigarette
Woops. Turned off electric bus
Thinks he seees missing person
Gonna miss sign up
Operator lost everything
Bus stop has wet paint with no signage

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