Tuesday, December 10, 2019

TriMet sock puppets meeting 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

1-TRIMET PAYROLL TAX has to comply with federal regulations, which apparently have changed.

2-TRIMET STRATEGIC PLAN, There is only one thing of significance in here that I can see, the sock puppets are raising the debt ceiling to 7.5% from 6%. As far as I am concerned this is criminal activity which will allow the banks to plunder additional tax dollars

3-TriMet's chief corporate welfare recipient  is STACY&WITBECK.  In this RESOLUTION  they get $509,00 for "pre-construction" work. What the hell do they do at Trimet Capital projects anyway?All this sort of thing is handed out for private profit. I still can't understand why running more trains on an existing track is costing 200 million dollars. But we can't have fare free transit can we.

4-CH2MILL is another of TriMet's top corporate welfare clients. These people are global when it comes to government contracts, as far back as the panama canal where thousands died. In this RESOLUTION  they want more money because "cross disciplinary requirements"  require more money! Of course they do. TriMet hounds riders over $2.50 but corporate Amerikka only has to ask for a larger handout to get it

5-MULTI CULTURAL OUTREACH? Kelsey wants an exemption to contracting rules for this piece of useless pork. Doesn't say how much it is other than its more than $500,000. Way to go TriMet you neoliberal hacks

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