Friday, March 25, 2022



20/69 saves them all, or tried at least 6/74 (2) 'she's in somebody's face' 𝗦𝗛𝗘'𝗦 𝗜𝗡 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗖𝗛

52/76-OWEN ATTACKS 19/05-LV-background on SANDYYYYYYY 'last time I said anything I got assaulted' and he's gone 20/69 lost+confused 6/74-LV-'she's called me a bitch'

11/02-LV-drinking on the bus and he's GONE 2/36-OPERATOR ILL-stomach 72/43 'I think someone got shot at WalMart' 33/09-PRTT-man took bike off rack

19/03 bottle of wine, fruit of the vine

66/04-HOLLYWOOD TC! hahaha 72/36-left her in the ditch for behavior he witnessed on the train-WTF? 33/10-someone being 'aggressive' 72/53-'he attacked another rider'

4/05 'he threw a cinder block into the side of the bus then tried to take a bike off the rack' 22/39 war on TriMet bus shelters continues 72/42 'don't cut yourself in please'

2/39-'window has been shattered out' 14/05-background-sounds like the woman we always hear-older lady-in the ditch 'oh hi this is the super mighty' driver and he says he inhaled pot smoke

31/34-shit his pants-send to ditch of amerikka 2/41 bus is SMASHED and will need to be towed 6/71-mirrors 15/03-PRTT-lift bus never showed up

2/39-some guy walked up and punched my barrier scared the bejesus out of me 6/02-hard stop-injury but she walked away 20/68 is whining about 9 minutes late? you're kidding me

what excuse is there FOR NEVER ENDING PROBLEMS WITH THE DOORS dozens of these calls EVERY SINGLE DAY

77/36 𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗞𝗦 but no announcements anyway-just drive and forget all this crap (they won't they'll beat this horse even if its dead)

15/08-'loud swearing I don't feel safe' 2/38 complains about the 14 bus (leave room to pull around) 57/73 has THE BANNED 2/42 has no leader

She can’t touch the pedals. TriMet is a mess

His printer is busted but he took the wrong bus Throw the riders in the ditch “Uh oh spaghettiO”

“It can take up to an hour’ (the train)

THE BANNED is in the center street lobby and he ain’t there to say hello

‘He’s giving us an earful’ He left but he keeps changing his clothes (the banned adapt to the hostile environment)

8/01 'dog puked on the bus but they cleaned it up what should I do?'

19/04-KTA 71/05-disposed dying in the shelter 44/03-pier park breakroom has no toilet paper/no paper towels dispatch says that city of Portland 20/73-assault on SAM operator

96/67 has a 38 minute break 58/69-cops have guns drawn 72/67-man 'shooting up'-just drive 8/67 says the driver behind him is 'disrespectful'

4/03-thinks she's a runaway 15/08-some background 'she's got a cup of hot coffee and I don't want it on me' 44/01 sees the 'lost girl'

9/07 why are you early? "I called earlier" 81/41-LV-ban them all 88/69-'two people smoking some kind of substance' ditch was accepted 33/11 wow more people smoking shit

Train 67-chain link in the tracks

75/03-KTA the disposed now he see's another disposed #HumanitarianCrisis 72/41-didn't pay and smells like piss-ditch refused

Deters:’this bus stinks to high heaven do we have an extra service” “no”

Max bridge deployment It was some lady

Loose dog on MAX ‘he’s taking a nap’ ‘we know this dog’


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