Monday, December 20, 2010


hey al
good to have your regular bus emergency postings

sorry ure off the air with vimeo- ......... drat it!! as soon as i joined [to listen/watch ure videos] u get shut down..........i thought sh1t, is it me, if i hadnt joined would things be as that were, but hey, thats life

i run my own business here in london, uk as a driving instructor/trainer, both bus and car, and i also drive some of our classic buses [and ordinary] on a part time basis, doing private hire and rail replacement work, so i can relate to what you talk about- they did pester me into doing some service work, but they regretted it after a day [i was running late for the 1st 9 hrs of the duty!!]

i am very interested in getting clues from your broadcasts as to how TriMet operates and compare it to the bus operating companies here in the uk, your incident  reporting to dispatch i find very illuminating 

i downloaded your video 'the rantings of a trimet bus driver' and my mates just luv the whole thing

so hopefully u will  be back on the air fully soon for everyone to enjoy, in the meantime, keep the faith, and dont forget the bus drivers code

i have attached 3 pics that you might be interested in of our classic buses i drive frequently

keep up the good work, and if u wanted to send me a quick e, that would be really good

best regards  
Trevor Little

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