Thursday, December 30, 2010

Driver run over by own bus

New Zealand Herald

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Erik H. said...

Reminds me of the incident that occurred at the Sunset Transit Center back around 1998, 1999...

Female Operator was at her layover on the 62 line. Got out of the bus and went to the driver's side window to close the door. Bus started rolling. Operator tried to use her body to stop the bus, bus rolled right on top of her.

A couple hours later, I stood at my bus stop at Murray Boulevard, just south of Millikan, waiting for the southbound 62. Normally I'd get a 500, 600, 1700 or 1800 but that day I got a 2000. First time I rode a low floor as they were all assigned to Center Street back in those days and they rarely ever ventured into Beaverton. Thought it was pretty cool, until I turned on the news that evening and found out why I was on a new bus.