Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Ed Bradley of the Vancouver Voice keeps bugging me!

On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 4:39 AM, Marcus Griffith <> wrote:
Al Margulies:

I am a freelance journalist for The Vancouver Voice. Per my ongoing coverage of HR 202 and its potential free speech issues, I am requesting comments on the following points/questions:

1) Have you, or will you, file a HR complaint at TriMet regrading your concerns with HR 202?
(no comment)
2) Have you contact the ACLU, your union, or any other similar agency or orientation regarding your free speech concerns?
(no comment)
3) Did TriMet management inform you that you were no longer allowed to post photographs of TriMet employees (or customers) onto your blog?  If so will you comply with that instruction or do you feel such a regulation over steps TriMet's authority?
(I  comply with all regulations that Trimet has enacted to this date and have every intention to continue to comply with any future regulations )
4) How many hours of video do you make each day?
(It's a VLOG, video log, like a diary, there is no figure)
5) Can you confirm your compensation at TriMet is $35,000 in pay plus $16,000 in benefits, not including retirement? If the amounts are in error, what is the correct amount?
( can confirm the pay but the benefits I cannot)
6) What are your thoughts on public employees representing their agencies even in off duty status?
(no comment)
7) Do feel TriMet drivers should be held to a higher standard of conduct than the general public?
(no comment)
8) What is the message or general ideas you wish to convey through your blog?
(I'm a transit geek)
9) What makes a safe and professional driver? Do you feel you met that standard?
(part 1 is too complex but part 2 is a definite YES)
10) Do you work for the public?
(i work for my passengers first, company second, general public not at all)
Any other comments or points you would like to make?
(why do you keep pestering me? Why do you find this story of any interest to anybody? Do you have a grudge against me because of our feud which started at
I DO MY BLOG MARCUS BECAUSE ITS FUN FOR ME, is that so hard to understand?The reason it gets so much attention is because of people like you.
This is not news Marcus, its an internal Trimet matter!

-- Marcus Griffith

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