Saturday, May 28, 2011

Closest Stop to Max's Childhood Home

Inspired by Erik, let's play a little game. Find the closest bus stop to your childhood home in Google's street view and post the picture. Of the 4 stops (each 1/2 mile away) from my parent's house, here's the only one that had a shelter. Lovely little gem isn't it? The sidewalk extends only the length of the bus stop, as the cars in the back indicate. Be sure to click the image to get the full picture.

Now it's your turn!


Erik H. said...

Did the 80 or 81 bus exist in the late 1970s? I don't think so...either way by the time I was five I lived in McMinnville which didn't have much of a transit system for many years, and then only a dial-a-ride service. By the time McMinnville had a fixed-route system I was on my own in Beaverton. McMinnville at the time did have one bus shelter, which was used as the city's Greyhound bus stop. It's no longer there.

Jason McHuff said...

Well, in '81, there was what's today's 77, and service along Division and up Kane Road to MHCC. But there really wasn't a lot out there then.

Erik H. said...

Yeah, that's right Jason. There wasn't a lot out there, just where I grew up (and I wasn't raised in a farm home), within Gresham city limits, within TriMet's district. There were lots of neighborhoods to the east that were well built out, but I guess that wasn't a lot...most of the development at the corner of 257th and Division was there, except for the development on the SE corner which is fairly new...

Max said...

Erik -
Just post whatever is there now. Do you think I saved this picture from when I was a child?!

Al M said...

Hey, I saved it from when I was a kid!