Friday, May 27, 2011

Max and Henry interview the lone 84 passenger (bloggers ride the 84)


Steve Fung said...

You guys had a low floor.When I drove it 2 summers ago,I was stuck with a 1600 out of Powell.

Anonymous said...

They combined the run with some other trips, so it's not just an 84 bus.

Erik H. said...

I had the pleasure of riding said vehicle 2222 from Gresham, to Kelso, to Boring, back to Gresham (as an 84) and then to Tigard (as a 12).

The Operator had a chuckle when I thanked him for the grand circle tour of Portland when I finally got off his bus (just one block away from my house in Tigard). On the trivial side, it was one of a few journeys that could be taken on the same vehicle that entered all three counties of the metro region as I started in Multnomah County, ended in Washington County, and the southern portion of the 84 route is in Clackamas County.