Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Erik H. said...

To relieve crowding, there will be a trip added traveling to Parkrose Transit Center leaving SW Pacific Hwy & Durham at 8:46 a.m. There will also be a trip added traveling to SW 6th & W Burnside leaving Barbur Transit Center at 6:02 p.m.

I'd sure like to know what crowding exists that requires TriMet to add more of these trips.

From talking to Operators that drive these (who would otherwise deadhead from a outbound 94 run out to Sherwood), they RARELY pick up any passengers because they end up right behind a regular 12 trip, which itself is not crush load.

Meanwhile, outbound 12 and 94 trips are frequently crowded and instead of adding service, we get to Barbur TC and see buses just sitting there idling during the PM rush hour. Today, I saw FOUR buses either deadheading empty OR stopped/parked at Barbur TC at about 5:10 PM in the middle of the afternoon rush.

No wonder TriMet claims its buses cost so much money. An empty bus costs money, but doesn't generate a damn penny in revenue. As they say in the airline industry, planes don't make money when they're on the ground. Those buses should be hauling passengers from Portland out to Tigard, not sitting in a parking lot.

(I'm sure Jason McHuff has some brilliant explanation as to why it's better for buses to be parked empty than to actually serve the public...)

Jason McHuff said...

1. So, do you think that the extra morning inbound trip is not needed? Are you familiar with ridership during that time?

2. Would you rather have operators not get breaks or recovery time (for when their previous trip ends late)?

Another issue is that there's not a good layover space at Burnside, and Barbur TC has space as well as restrooms.

But if you really think that trips like the second one take too much extra time, have you sent a polite message asking them? If you can show me that you have tried and have not gotten a response, I will consider trying for you.