Friday, August 26, 2011


I will be finally seeing for myself the truth about the CERTIFICATION class come next Monday! I can't wait to go to be honest. And I will bring back as much about it as I can. Obviously they won't let me video anything, this company has lapsed into total paranoia with the advent of the Macrfarlane administration. But I will be getting the LO-DOWN on this story and you know I will not hold anything back! So far the strangest thing I have heard about the class is the DRIVING TEST! It's actually funny, they want us to pass a DRIVING TEST! Jeez Trimet, don't ya think its a little late to be testing our driving skills, some of us (actually a lot of us) have been driving 10 years and up already! Then there is some controversy over the paper work we are 'forced' to sign. I'll see what that is all about for myself.

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