Sunday, August 7, 2011


There is no way the loop will replace the route 6. Bus 6 covers much more area than the loop will!


Al M said...

That's funny!

Erik H. said...

There's an absolutely simple explanation.

I believe (I could be wrong but I believe I've heard it before) that the 6 will terminate at Rose Quarter TC.'ll continue downtown, using likely the Steel Bridge and the Mall. (This isn't a bad option and in fact might even represent an upgrade of service for 6 line riders north of the Rose Quarter who need to get downtown will see their trip time shortened and eliminate a transfer.)

I don't see why the 6 absolutely has to travel west-east on Jefferson and fact I really don't understand why TriMet routes so many buses that way. They spent a lot of money on the freakin' transit mall - it should be the exception that a bus doesn't use it. What is the benefit for the 6, 38, 43, 45, 55, 92 and 96 buses NOT to use the mall? (Frankly, the 38, 43, 45, 55, and 92 buses shouldn't even touch Naito Parkway - they should stay on Barbur and enter the mall on 6th Avenue. If PSU is the "largest transit generator" why are so many buses being routed away from it?)

Al M said...

Good question Erik!

Zef said...

Are you serious? The streetcar would obviously replace the entire portion of the 6 up to Broadway. That's pretty significant. That way the 6 can either terminate at the Rose Quarter, continue downtown via the transit mall, or go south by a different route. For example, it could go south via 20th, helping to fix the huge gap in north-south routes in the inner SE. I also think the 73 should continue down 28th and 30th at least to Hawthorne. Right now there is nothing in the Belmont-Hawthorne area from 11th to 39th.

Rod Harrel said...

I had no idea. Thanks for the posting.

punkrawker4783 said...

And the 14!!!!! The 14 USED to run down the mall, now it does no more, and I have heard a handful of complaints on it.

Al M said...

Lots and lots of complaints on the 14 bus not going down the mall.
However, the answer is obvious! People are 'forced' onto the rail to go down the mall thereby enhancing Max ridership stats!

Al M said...

I also have my doubts that the new streetcar will actually 'want' any of the bus 6 riders! They are not the 'choice' riders are they?