Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Neil has come out with another "memo". It's an amazing document. He talks about fiscal "uncertainty" in one sentence and in another sentence he adds a bunch of new bureaucrats. He's on track to beat FRED HANSEN in creating bureaucratic bloat to this agency.

HERE'S NEIL~~~>Put bluntly, we face some challenging budget times but I’m optimistic this proactive approach will make a significant impact.

And here is the next part~~~> The two biggest changes include the formation of a new Public Affairs division that will house Government Affairs, a new Policy and Planning Development department, will consolidate our internal and external communications, and will also house Marketing, and Customer Service. The second big change is the formation of a new division called Labor Relations and Human Resources. Recruitment for a new Executive Director for this division is underway.

How many goddamn directors do we need around here?

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punkrawker4783 said...

Just a few more. Question is, why haven't you been made a Director yet? Maybe of TriMet blogging, Watchful eye, ...ooh or Director of Questioning the Directors?? ;)

These new Directors better be taking the damn bus to work.