Thursday, December 1, 2011

TRIMET management trying to give me a heart attack

This is in relation to the condition of the Sunset Transit Drivers room:

After estimations and requests for bids and whatnot, they predict completion about mid February on this project.

 Deplorable Conditions in our Break Rooms (Steve Fung)


If you ever question any of the silliness of the ADA enforcement actions, you will always get the same answer:
That is a complete bullshit!
Here are some of the idiotic laws that are on the books:

Listen to bus drivers talk about their dangerous jobs

This applies to all of us here at TRIMET and everywhere else.
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Some buses move slower than a lawn mower, transit advocates say

If you need to get across midtown in a rush, avoid the M50 bus at all costs, transit advocates say.
That line got the "Pokey" award in the Straphangers' Campaign annual list, chugging along at a sluggish 3.5 mph at noon on weekdays, making it the city's slowest local bus.
"You can push a lawnmower faster cross town than it takes the M50 to go from First to 12th Avenue," said Straphangers' spokesman Gene Russianoff.
The M42 bus, which took the title for the last two years, made a marginal improvement from 3.6 mph to 3.7, tying for second-slowest route this year.

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MacFarlane writes an editorial-UPDATE

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Erik Halstead challenges McFarlane to come out of the Ivory castle and talk

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The beloved light rail takes another hit

Due to overhead power issues at 32nd Ave., shuttle buses are carrying Blue, Green and Red line riders between NE 7th and Gateway. Riders should plan their trips accordingly and expect delays.

Joe Rose covers the Jon Hunt recall effort

Anonymous call stop accusations need to end-N-O-W!

It's way past the time that this company stop the torture of their drivers on the ADA compliance issue.
Let's look at the real numbers, lets hear some of the verbal abuse that operators are subjected to, lets stop being a bully boss.
I bought this at Fred Meyer's for $39 yesterday, it records 12 hours on 2 AAA batteries.
I demand this be placed in my bus to record my entire shift.

Be careful where you lock up your bike in Portland

NW 20th & Hoyt

I file a public records request

Deplorable Conditions in our Break Rooms (Steve Fung)

These photos were taken in the Sunset Transit Center, but all of our break areas need a thorough cleaning and some paint.

Station Manager Greg Larson promises action on the conditions at this break room:
You are absolutely right about the break room at Sunset. I met with a facilities person recently at the breakroom to put together a proposal to improve the conditions there.
I am suggesting a cleanable wainscoting be applied to all the walls including in the restrooms. Paint the rest of the walls and ceilings and strip the floor and rewax. New chairs and two “lounge” type chairs as well.
I’ve been asking for something to be done there for quite awhile but I think action is finally on the horizon.

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Milwaukie Mystery Train pushers never give up

It's insane the lengths to which the county commissioners in Clackamas County will go to bring the soul-killing, bankrupting, billion-dollar-plus Tri-Met MAX train to Milwaukie (pop. 21,000). Now that they can't create or expand any "urban renewal" district to pay their $25 million share toward the thing without a countywide public vote (which they'd probably lose), the commissioners are apparently just going to promise to pay out of property taxes, straight up, without the "urban renewal" ploy. They say they want to issue "full faith and credit" bonds, which means the county would have to pay from any available source. Translation: property taxes.
They're dressing up the p.r. on this by pointing out that the Clackamas Town Center "urban renewal" district is supposed to expire in 2013, and that will free up some property taxes that can be used to pay for the train bonds. Sounds nice, but it doesn't change the fact that those are taxes that can and should be spent on public safety and other essential county services.
Whatever the commissioners do to try to raise the money for MAX, they can bet there'll be a group trying to force a public referendum on it. It's pretty obvious that voters down that way have had enough Blumenauering, and they seem to be wising up so much that none of the commissioners' many maneuvers are working.
What they really need, of course, is a new set of commissioners.

DR JEFF GIVES ME (trimet that is) A GREAT IDEA

TRIMET secret shoppers should all get TWITTER ACCOUNTS and live blog the rides!


Chris Day to return to union meetings!

McFarlane writes an editorial blaming the union for all the problems

While I understand the union’s duty to represent its members, I am calling on the Amalgamated Transit Union to end unreasonable challenges to what are common sense disciplinary actions. The behavior of the few discredit the great work of the majority. I am putting our union leadership on notice that there will be a new course that ensures timely action and accountability

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