Friday, March 30, 2012

City’s Public Transportation Deemed Best in the West

Guess what, it's not PORTLAND!


Erik H. said...

For example, where the average operating cost per rail boarding is $3.58 in other agencies, (Dallas operates at a cost of $6.29 per boarding) MTS’ costs are $2.00 per boarding; and with bus operating costs, the average among the other agencies is $4.48 (Dallas again the highest at $6.52), while MTS' bus operating cost are $2.66 per boarding. MTS also has a farebox recovery ratio of 54% while its nine peers average 27.5%.

This tells me that something is VERY fishy about TriMet's numbers.

San Diego actually started the light rail craze - and to this day its flagship line from downtown to the border runs on a track shared with freight trains - you heard me right. (This process is now outlawed, but San Diego's light rail line is grandfathered in.) Thus, its first light rail line was built incredibly cheap compared to modern light rail systems. It has invested heavily in its bus system as well.

San Diego also proves that you don't need a major transit agency to be all things to all people - MTS operates services within San Diego City, but NCTD operates the services in the County - including Coaster, and Sprinter - their "diesel light rail" line which some have compared to WES (and much, much more successful).

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