Saturday, March 31, 2012



Anonymous said...

I thought you were glad to be done with it?

A said...

It's hard to leave a place that you've known for so long. I'm going through something somewhat similar and it hurts even though i know it's for the best.
We'll miss you, Al, but if leaving is the best thing for you to do, then it's what has to happen.

Al M said...

I had detached myself already.

Going back into it shook me up for some reason.

The passengers had a lot to do with it. They REALLY were happy to see me.
Almost makes me feel like I am deserting them.
And some of the driver's at Trimet are extraordinary people, I will miss seeing those people.

I'm not quite done yet either, gotta work a Saturday in April then whatever the deal is with the full time stuff.

Steve Fung said...

I just completed your 10 hour #12.I am fried.All I wanted to do was to go home.10 hour shifts are awful.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see you again my friend. Been too long.

Al M said...

I was actually contemplating doing that 12 today and it filled my with

Anonymous said...

You? A 12? That doesn't even sound right!