Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've had quite a few people attempt to convince me not to leave Trimet. 

I want to thank those folks for those kind thoughts, but I can't provide my energy to this organization any longer.

I'm in a position that allows me freedom of choice and I want to take advantage of that and move my energy to more enlightening endeavors.

It's no longer any fun being a bus driver at TriMet.

The management has gotten mean and unethical, the public  resentful, the bus service has taken a dump and the job has literally gotten dangerous

  I see nothing but dark days ahead for Trimet bus drivers. 

I knew when all the previous executives departed we were in trouble and those fears have come to pass for me now.

I'll take the tiny pension and  health plan. Hopefully they  will continue for at least a few years.

I gave 15 years of my life to Trimet. 
I never had an accident, (despite being the poster boy for distracted driving) never had a complaint that was of any consequence and  an above average attendance record. In short I consider myself one of the top employees in the agency.

I'll miss many of my fellow bus drivers and even more of the fine passengers I have had the great fortune to meet while working here.

I will NOT miss the managers, they are truly dreadful and have succeeded in making my life miserable for the last couple of years. As I was told by one of the middle managers "you make yourself a target".

They would have been much happier if I had just allowed myself to become just another number, keep my mouth shut and be  processed through their human processing plant. 
It's too bad for them that I care more about what I am doing and the people that are affected by us then they apparently are.

I've got a couple more days on the road but after the full time move I'll open a spot for somebody who might actually enjoy what I can't. 

I have another position in Portland that will keep me in this city for now.

As long as I am in Portland transit blogging will be a major part of my life.

My longer term plans are to head back east, the Boston area specifically.

When that move occurs, that will be the official end of the 


Amy Taylor said...

You will be missed. I consider you to be one of the truly enlightened people there. It was always a pleasure to share a mini- break with you. Your perspective was always appreciated by me. I hope to see you in the hood. Amy

Al M said...

Thanks Amy!
Appreciate that very much.

coolbus18 said...

Not that I can blame you.The good thing is that no matter where we might be, we've got the internet to stay in touch. You will be missed. Back to Boston, but it snows there! lolol. Peace ;-))