Monday, August 27, 2012

Could it be true?

Would a company such as Trimet who is obsessed with Rail actually forget to put one of its lines on its new map?

(WES is missing)


Cameron Johnson said...

TriMet's response plan

1) Notice their mistake after minimal public outcry (1 or 2 tweets)

2) Neil McFarlane makes an apology speech to all the WES users (all fifteen or so of them) and vows to fix TriMet's grievous error.

3) TriMet makes publicity putting proper maps all over the MAX system including WES

4) TriMet announces the change on its website with an uplifting note.

5) Bus service continues to be a piece of shit and next to no one continues to ride WES.

Erik H. said...

Don't forget that there will be another contest to give away something of value to WES riders (i.e. a Kindle, Nook or iPad), and a marketing blitz including new ads on the side of buses to shout out that WES WORKS!!!

Jason McHuff said...

That's just a MAX map. Some versions do note the transfer possibility.