Monday, August 27, 2012

New and Improved TriMet bus stop schedules

I wonder if TriMet will apply the same essential cost-cutting measures to MAX stations.  You know, since they have EIGHT large schedule signs for each stop, plus the Transit Tracker signs...when all they need is one three inch by three inch paper sign with the stop ID number and nothing else.

Why spend thousands of dollars having to print up new schedule signs, then paying a guy (at high wages, of course) to drive (using a TriMet fleet vehicle) to the platform to post the signs twice (or more) a year?

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Unknown said...

This is quite interesting. I am wondering when we will see bus companies using electric buses in their Vehicle Fleet. This would cut even more costs in the long run. We could also transport the older buses to other countries or scrap the parts and melt down the metal.