Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Portland Mess Transit: TriMet zones vanish Saturday, fare prices increase -  

train announcement smacks of McCarthyism: "always report suspicious objects or activities".  

Awesome, I love paying more! RT : fare zones vanish Saturday, prices increase; service changes Sunday

submitted along with nee complaint on veh 1757 cutting me off in tigard...when can I expect Neil to call me? Must be Neil M. 

Relaxing on the bus is a must.  

Biggest fare hike in history, nothing more to be done about enforcing fares or the smoking ban. 

TriMet funeral protest; SUV terror ride; transit passes for poor; 'Designated texters': Commuter roundup  

someone fucked up my bus stop over night. :( I'm sure is aware, but I'm tagging them anyway  

Another day, another test pattern on the Tualatin WES schedule board. Got an ETA on a fix, ? Thanks! 

WTF? Manufactured fear message: "Be alert & stay safe. Report suspicious persons or objects to Trimet or call 911.

Of course the day I try to take the bus to rest my foot is the day it doesn't show up.  

MAX green line was not only on time to 7th Ave, it also has a very cute conductor. Where are the flying pigs?  

Love it when your bus drives past showing "not in service" then u realise it was yours. So I'm meant to just guess I suppose?  

Another bus appears to have dropped off the grid. Might have something to do with the age of their fleet. 

if only i knew my fucking way around this stupid state on trimet fuck

why is the English max voice a woman but the Spanish max voice a man? V confused about this 

Waited 45 min for line 94 at 5th & Morrison today. Finally called my dad and had him pick me up in an AIR CONDITIONED car

Every ticket machine at Beaverton TC is broken. See where it takes you! (@ TriMet Beaverton Transit Center)  


I'm thinking you are at ground zero for the next Contagion. Good luck 

Now has to have warnings/reminders to use crosswalks and look both ways? If people didn't do it before, they won't now. 

MAX k operator: "They are ending the free real zone and beefing up enforcement. Either take out a bank loan, or buy a ticket."  

Seriously. I'm seeing tons of 1700s on the 4 and 9, and 1400s and goddamn 1600s on the 14. How many different ways can TriMet say Fuck you? 

Have never seen so many people wait for one bus o.O we are 23 waiting for the bus 71  

Dear : your on-board announcements re fare changes would be more effective if they were, you know, louder than the bus. 

Young people plan demonstrations Saturday. Should have started a year ago when it was announced.  

That's a strange looking bus. .  

Boycotting begins NOW. 

Im legitimately upset that the fareless zone is going away. U want me to pay $2.50 to get to the other end of downtown? I think not 

Bus 2288 has a stuck flipdot sign on the front. I don’t know where BarbArkrose TC is. Oops! 

maintenance van 806 ran stop light 5th & Montgomery and made left turn against signal without stopping 

Still no word from about the Barbur Big Dig...big hole going on two months. i wish i could dig a hole and forget it... 

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