Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Honor, May I Present Exhibit A?

If you look at the tippy top right of this picture, you will see that TriMet already has its new route map. As you can see, line 87 is right below line 22 on NE 102nd Avenue, which is one of the service changes of Fall 2012. Obviously TriMet has its new system map out; they just don't want to show us. Why not, TriMet?


Al M said...

Never heard back from Dehammel did ya?

Anonymous said...

Come on TriMet..give it a rest. Your inability to provide customer service is deplorable.

If you can spend time sending emails "Mostly False" statements to can get your Fall system maps/schedules out to the riding public.

Al M said...

It is interesting that they won't publish the maps and schedules, its true they are available, so the question is WHY? WHAT'S THE LOGIC?

Cameron Johnson said...

Nope! It's okay, though, that's total board meeting fodder.

Erik H. said...

It's OK. There is a MASSIVE service redesign in place for Tigard, that will significantly and irreversably degrade service. And yet, there is nothing posted for it. We're supposed to just sit back and wait.

Never mind - that now riders within Tigard will no longer be able to go from one side of town to the other on a single bus. Nope, no more trips to Freddy's or WinCo on one bus, there's a forced transfer at Tigard TC. Which wouldn't be so bad if TriMet actually had timed transfers - but they won't. As I've experienced so many times transferring between the 12 and 76/78...the bus you are on pulls in, just as the bus you need pulls out. Unacceptable, but TriMet thinks that is "good customer service". (Maybe if Mary Fetsch were the one standing out there in this humid heat, she'd have a different opinion...but of course she gets her TriMet issued luxury sports utility vehicle, complete with all wheel drive and air conditioning.)

Those of us who ride the 94 will suffer - now that we will lose the "express", that TriMet demanded that we have when it gutted and then eliminated the 95 route. In fact, the new 94 route will be very close to the old 95 route - local south of Tigard, express north (during rush hour only). Except now we get to stop at Tigard TC which will add more transit time (whereas neither the 94, nor the 95, went onto Main Street), and deal with everything that can possibly mess up the schedule - between the railroad tracks, parked cars, driveways, badly timed traffic signals...

According to TriMet, so many people continue on the 12 from Barbur onto Sandy, but I just don't see it. The LOGICAL step would have been to split the route in downtown, with a 12 route going one way, and an 11 route (since the route number is unused, or 13) going the other way. End the interline. TriMet claims it couldn't do that because there is not enough place for Operators to park and rest's only a 45-60 minute trip from Sherwood to downtown - put the rest/relief area in Sherwood or King City.

Oh, in other words, exactly what they do right now.

punkrawker4783 said...

When is the first day of this shake up? Let me know when materials start showing up, I'll compare with us up here, where we have a pretty big service change taking effect on Sept 29, including elimination of our Ride Free Area.

Cameron Johnson said...

September 2nd is when the cuts take effect. TriMet has four weeks.

John St Clair said...

One thing to note here is that the split up of the 12 was the suggestion of a former bus operator and long time extra board operator who is now in service planning. It could be that management gave him certain parameters and this was the best option.
Not what I would have done though.

Jason McHuff said...

but of course she gets her TriMet issued luxury sports utility vehicle, complete with all wheel drive and air conditioning

Please show us what evidence you have of that. I have evidence that she actually rides a bike (no, it's not TriMet, but it should be something that deserves credit).

The LOGICAL step would have been to split the route in downtown

Where exactly would you split it in downtown Portland? It has to be a single point so there's no duplication of service. What about people who want to go beyond that point to the other side of downtown?

an 11 route (since the route number is unused, or 13)

11 is used internally for some shuttles and some people are superstitious about 13.