Monday, November 10, 2014

Bruce said he cared about the retirees

Smiling Bruce Hansen
In the post below  is a letter that Bruce sent out detailing his problems with Ron Heintzman.
He gave every indication that the contract dispute would end up in the hands of an arbitrator but we see now that it did not.

In the end Bruce Hansen gave Neil Mcfarlane (and his hired henchmen) everything he wanted, which was the so called 'sensible health care coverage'. (we have yet to see the details on this).

This is where my sense of shock comes in. We go five years fighting for what we have earned only to be undone from out of the blue. 

And to this day there is nothing in writing as to why we should be happy about this.
(other than if we don't take this we will have get no benefits etc)
Bruce claimed that he 'cared about retirees' but then he threw all of us under the bus.

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