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My favorite Trimet facebook comments

 TriMet Facebook

Alex Hawk Ticket app that is overcharging people's cards, doesn't work in the tunnel that has resulted in evasion citations, and if you take too long to show your fare nazis it's an instant ticket. Brilliant invention, TriMet.

Kim Latta Great....too bad the red lIne was a mess. No fun waitIng an hour just hoping the next train Is red.

Daniel Watkins yes they do, but I've been in contact with a engineer at Trimet and he says the heaters don't make physical contact with the lines, just close vicinity. Ice cutter pantographs are used on a few of the trains to physically sand down the ice from the lines but maybe if all the trains had cutters then it would stay ice free.
" The ice forms around the wire and cause the pantograph to no make contact with the wire. The heaters on the pantograph are designed to keep ice from forming on them and weighting them down so they then do not touch the wire. They aren't really designed to melt the ice on the wire. "Also apparently the type 3 MAX cars have battery packs to allow the train to travel short distances without power from the pantographs

Matt Springer Your employees at Gateway TC are nowhere to be found. We were told that a supervisor would be there to instruct us how to get west on a blue line. None to be found. Knocked on the door to your office there and was pointed off towards the west and told "She's over there." When I said she wasn't anywhere to be found I was simply told "Yes she is." Looked again and still no one. Flagged down a green line train operator after he pulled in and he was just as rude. I get it's stressful today, but your Customer service was poor today. Saying she's in a fluorescent yellow jacket and there isn't a single soul wearing one at the entire TC is just frustrating. This seems to happen every time the weather is bad..
Martine Holland So glad I stopped using Trimet a month ago!
Brian Ngo One or two hundred people dropped off at the zoo to wait at the coldest spot in Portland Metro for shuttles that aren't showing up. If frustration were heat, we'd be in the Bahamas.
Daniel Watkins Still MAX can't handle the ice after many occasions to improve the system?
Natalie Clark Hey Trimet, try briefing your drivers on how to read road closed/detour signs a little more. I was stuck on the 78 for almost 40 minutes the other day because the person driving the bus apparently either can't read the super obviously bright road closed/detour signs, wasn't briefed on the road closure, or thought that because he was driving a bus, he could get onto the closed road. Either way, it's no excuse for not knowing or intentionally not reading that the road was closed.
Matthew Reid Pelcha Tri-met, useless as always. Honestly how do you forget to setup shuttles if you're kicking hundreds of people of a max.. And unless you guys are using a different math system then I was raised, 1 bus doesn't have the space of 1 max. SO, you make us sit in the cold for over an hour, then send 1 bus for all these people. You did get one thing right though, that bus you sent actually had wheels on it, so there you go not a complete failure. I'm sure you're not planning on some sort of apologize or compensation either? Because that would top off your irresponsible company quota for the day.
Nathan Charles Foley Delays delays delays
Robert Lipps Delayed is an understatement. I left my house well in advance and spent about 45 minutes sitting on the train at Milikan Way. I had to cancel an MRI at the VA
Stephanie Lucero Thank you!! My regular bus never showed this morning! !! 
Ty Dawley East bound blue line MAX has been sitting still for 30 minutes now due to "icy conditions." Thank god the nimrods who run TriMet don't work for a company like MBTA (Boston) where it actually snows at! They'd been fired long ago.
Roo Wasse Even this evening, my bus didn't show (or it blew through over ten minutes early) and I was standing for minutes before I realized it wasn't coming. The 16 doesn't run as much. I had a 35 minute walk home across St. Johns bridge or a 45 minute wait for the 16. That wasn't very fun.
J.D. Sampson was no fun waiting for an hour for a bus to Sunset TC. And then there were the little kids and elderly people waiting. Seems like there should be busses ready, if you're going to dump hundreds of people where other options are not really available.
Peter Gilbert Waiting with hundreds at Washington park.

You failed again...

Kayla Eveangela Williams What sort of state are the MAX's in right now? There are no alerts on the website but I saw two stopped MAX's just hanging out in between stops this morning and I know that whenever the weather is anything extreme the MAX's start struggling.
Ty Dawley Been sitting at Beaverton Central for 20 minutes now due to "icy conditions." Only in Portland.
Kayla Eveangela Williams I was waiting in that blasting wind on Tuesday night for a MAX that was 'due' for 15 minutes. It was not a fun time. I think I will get a ride home today instead.
Jeremy Gooding nice try trimet we dont see snow yet
Erik Halstead Saw a 94 make a 12 only stop, but saw a 96 pass up a rider...
Joe Stinnett Chains on bare roads!! Stupid!! You tear up roads and break ruin the chains!! But what do you care, its just tax payer money!! You should only chain when the road is covered in snow dumbasses!
Melissa Pieper Joe, your right I agree it's ridiculous more tax payer money out the door. And Oregon can't figure out why their roads are so bad. I'm in Vancouver, we have ice all over the place and not one of our buses are chained up. Our buses are driving way below speed and are taking their time being careful and are getting around just fine.
Erik Holm Two buses in a row canceled, meanwhile I've been waiting here for over an hour and it's just rain. The road is wet. You guys suck!!
Tony Sorrentino Thank you TriMet for ruining OUR roads & OUR buses by unnecessarily putting on chains. If your drivers can't put chains on themselves they have no right driving a commercial vehicle in the first place. I have been in buses going 50mph on dry pavement with chains on (and in a 45mph zone mind you), it rattles the bus like mad & does severe damage to the roads. I guess when you use other peoples money it just doesn't matter, you just stick your hands out for some more.
Tony Sorrentino Ericka, that comment was directed at TriMet in terms of their stupid policies and poor hiring standards (I have personally known a very unqualified bus operator) and to the bus drivers that do not follow policies by going over 25mph while chained, which most do... I doubt that most bus drivers could even figure out how to get the chains off anyway!
Ismael Alvarado Wow. There's no snow! That's really not good for the streets. Chains? Seriously?
Jeff Johnson "TransitTracker can’t accurately predict arrival times"

And how is this different than normal days?

Andrea Hammond Even though we don't get snow often TriMet should figure out a way for riders to be able to better predict when buses will show up at stops. Yes we know to expect delays but we still have to be places on time.
Andrea Hammond Right and I understand things like that happen. That's where expecting delays comes into play but some sort of estimate would be nice instead of absolutely none at all. How I planned my trip was "well its suppose to be here at this time, it would normally take this long, I guess I'll go out at the time scheduled an hour sooner and hope for the best." Having some sort of estimate would cut the waiting in the cold down slightly. Although I really love that Trimet was still up and running and other then the whole tracker issue they did great. You and all the other drivers.
Carolanne Fry I have to say, last years snow was absolutely horrible- I waited over an hour & a half to get 25 blocks - with busses driving past me. I was so cold I was crying. If the buses were even a little predictable, I would have made different choices & wouldn't of been stranded. I just find it hard to believe that TRIMET can't offer ANY kind of timelines or even say if it will get there.
Sidney Holcomb Apparently trimet only hears what it wants to hear... Snow on valley floor is highly unlikely... Do you guys service the coast, cascade, and gorge ranges?? I think not


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