Wednesday, November 5, 2014

There is plenty of blame to go around

Past ATU757 president Jonathan Hunt handed away the right to strike and agreed to the 'winner take all' arbitration.
Jonathan Hunt
I know I have been very unkind to our current union president. A man I worked hard to see elected to his current post.
 I admit he tried to call me but I refused to take the call.

The reason for that was I know he would have made a serious attempt to schmooze me and I wasn't in the mood for that at the time. I was wounded. From where I sit the union president just handed away a big chunk of my pension with this deal.

I saw it as surrender. I saw it as aiding and abetting the enemy (Mcfarlane and his evil henchman Stedmen). 
I saw it as being thrown under the bus by our leadership to which Bruce is the main personality.

So I have been blasting Bruce ever since this 'defeat'.

But let's refocus for a minute. The fault is not just Bruce Hansen.

Bruce Hansen didn't hand away the right to strike without even bothering to ask union members.

Bruce Hansen didn't agree to a ridiculous arbitration process that allows winner take all.

That was Jonathan Hunt that allowed all this mess to come into existence.

Lets not forget that he played a major role in all this.

There is no way I can forgive Bruce for just throwing all the retirees under the bus. He should have taken it all the way into the arbitration. 

It's one thing to be forced into compliance its another to provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

Bruce bailed out Mcfarlane way to easily, and now Mcfarlane gets a bonus.

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