Friday, November 28, 2014

Trimet still in dark ages when it comes to social media

Not as 'great' as they would have you believe
Over at the CTA they actively engage riders on twitter, here at Trimet its very spotty. One day you'll see whoever is behind the Trimet twitter screen engaging riders then you won't see them again for days. And if there is an actual service disruption the Trimet twitter goes into hiding.

 Trimet has always been scared of public involvement. They've done their best to ignore all negative public comments. They have attempted to corral all the riders into their own little barn, called the 'riders club' in order to use their massive propaganda machine to bend their minds towards the Trimet cult (I'm not kidding about this)

In other cities the transit districts are not so paranoid of their riders. Boston comes to mind, and now we see that the CTA isn't afraid of engaging riders in a forum that they can't control.

Trimet brags about their technological advances, like transit tracker and cell phone applications.
When it comes to social media Trimet lags way behind.
It's interesting because Portland has one of the most active community of twitter transit tweeters  in the country.
Trimet is obviously scared to actively engage the twitter activists. So much about Trimet is built on myth, and they greedily do everything in their power to keep that myth alive.

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