Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mcfarlane's hand picked clone Canadian Doug Kelsey gets to be top hack at Trimet

Kelsey is the highest paid hack in Trimet history at $300k
In a move that surprised no one the board of sock puppets approved Mcfarlane's clone to be the next general manager of the Trimet tax farm. 
He was supposedly the best qualified candidate "in the world" to take this job. 
We won't see any changes with this guy in control. 
The gentrification of the greater Portland will be his #1 priority just as it was with that dick head Mcfarlane and his predecessor Fred Hansen. 
Hansen walked out with a couple million cash and a pension of $17K for life and Mcfarlane walked out with a similar sized bank account and a pension of  $13.7k a month for life. 
The public transportation industrial complex is good to its aristocracy. 
Pubic transportation in the United States is a total disaster but that doesn't stop people from getting quite wealthy off its tax funded back.

So no news here, employees can expect to be harassed endlessly until the company can finally "privatize" its entire work force just like they do with lift.
 The supreme court is expected to cripple the public employee unions so its all working out quite nicely for the neoliberals who own the public transportation districts in this country.

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Al M said...

We don’t know if it’s 300k Canadian dollars or 300k US dollars