Sunday, August 5, 2018

Weird Trimet service alerts

#33 Line 33 in oregon city and Main st - Oregon Trail run is done - Back to regular route - have a good day.

#33 Line 33 - The temporary stop on Washington at 5th on your detour to Clackamas Community College was removed due to continued sign theft - customers directed to next stop at 5th & Jefferson - however if customers are present there or want off there please service this location... thanx.

#19 #12 #20 Line 12, 19 and 20 the tree is actually blocking Davis and 15th (vodoo Donuts) area. Since your temporary detour ends at 11am. This will not affect you now. Back to regular route.. thank you!

#19 #20 #12 Line 12, 19 and 20 supervisor confirms there is no blockage on Couch now, please return to regular route.

#99 #34 Lines 34 and 99: do not enter Tacoma P & right due to blocking semi until further notice.

#32 #99 #33 UPDATE: Lines 32, 33 & 99 - On your routing or detour if you are to use 15th in Oregon City use 14th both directions until further notice.

#52 Line 57 detour due to road construction: To PCC Rock Creek- Regular route to 185th and west. UNion, right west Union, left Sprinville , continue to pcc Rock creek. until end of service.

#33 Line 33 to Clackamas Town Center - due to the lane blockage in oregon city - Please make left 14th instead of 12th.

#19 #20 #12 Line 12, 19 and 20. there is not temporary stop at Davis and MLK as stated on your Short term detour It is on MLK at Couch.

#72 Line 72 back to regular route both directions on Alberta street. please use extreme caution.

#8 Line 8 and Line 12: Cancel your short term detour #49520 and #49519 both directions, per Road Supervisor.

#77 #4 #44 #8 #35 Lines 4,8,35,44,77 -Use Caution on Steel Bridge eastbound - abandoned truck- but can get thru.

#4 #44 #75 Buses running up to 25 minutes late due to heavier than usual traffic in St Johns.

#77 Beginning Thursday, July 26, on weekdays from 6 to 11 a.m. through Friday, August 3, for trips to Troutdale, buses will not serve the stop at Hollywood Transit Center (Stop ID 10870) and instead will share the regular Line 77 to Montgomery Park stop just south (Stop ID 10869). This change is to allow room for staged extra service buses to ease delays caused by expected traffic congestion from ODOT construction on I-5 & I-84 interchanges.

#4 Line 4: please use your train detour on Gideon. until further notice.

#33 #32 #99 Clackamas Community College buses. Due to paving on the college driveway. Please stay on the new pavement and watch for exiting buses. Exiting buses have the right of way.

#44 #45 #54 #56 Lines 44, 45, 54, 56 experiencing 40 minute delays due to blocking construction on Capitol Highway/ Terwilliger.

#21 Buses are running up to 30 minutes delayed due to heavy traffic.

#33 line 33 pls stay on your detour in Oregon City until further notice, Traffic is extremely heavy.

#32 #33 #99 Lines 32,33,99. Clackamas Community College buses. new pavement is narrow, you will have to share the same lane entering and leaving the college. departing buses have the right of way on the new pavement. Look ahead so you dont get stuck. Thanks.

MAX Green Line is delayed up to an hour through 4 p.m. due to an earlier mechanical issue.

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