Monday, November 30, 2020



All these calls are copy and pasted from @realripcity twitter

3502 You have your mask on? Causing is not against the law.

7501 Loud&Verbal I caused me out because I told him to close the window. KTA operator and told him he’ll have to get off.

244 Loud&Verbal

The mystery man with black umbrella


is on broadway.

2051 Can’t wear a mask

Face with medical mask

over Medical


reason. Operator quotes Oregon new standard about ADA. We’re not following the state mandate then?

242 Bus


vs. Bus Calls in on extra idling for several hours.

736 Were getting reports your bus is left on.

7505 Loud&Verbal She calling me a bunch of bad words and being aggressive.

7507 Heads up!

1703 Beer

Beer mug

and spilt it all over.

7103 Customer Conduct! Customer picking his nose and whipping it on the hand rails!

Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

Face with tears of joy

Rolling on the floor laughing

7103 2 Other passengers started yelling and screaming at each other. They got off.

1703 Did police

Oncoming police car


7340 Priority! A guy with a large stick!

936 Operator I’ll Menopause issues!

936 There going to send a relief out to get you.

7675 Someone hit by car. Disposed has been run over.

6267 Sleep

Sleeping symbol

and she won’t wake up.

6267 Sleep

Sleeping symbol



? What’s going on with her?

6267 She has a Medical



6367 Sleep

Sleeping symbol


6267 Sleep

Sleeping symbol

They are going to transport.

672 Cleaners?

1201 Sandy Blvd Video! Cop made a U Turn in front of the bus and passenger went flying.

1201 Sandy Blvd Video! ACID Report!

804 Ditch!!! Crisis response Team! Operator says Fuck you! Get away from my bus.

804 Send em to the ditch!

Scanner Star

Medium star

It’s Greg!

406 Customer called about no heat.

406 No Heat!

7513 Drama at peer park. Operator was taking her medicine and not wearing her mask. More paranoid operators.

1504 Old tickets


! Are we accepting old tickets!

1705 Loud&Verbal

1401 The guy in the street is on my bus. Good operator!

1704 Standing in the middle of the street.

Lift has to be called in ahead of time& arranged.

Lady has OCD having boarding issues! Called operator a FN bitch! Paranoid about SIP!

1404 Some kid threw a milkshake all over the interior. Dispatch says to you have any napkins?

2079 Loud&Verbal He’s back there causing out!

2079 He’s off and upset passengers.

1406 Update on Loud&Verbal!

401 Old invalidated ticket


! Just drive!

Scanner Star

Medium star

It’s Mike!

Damn Doors


1235 More customer Conduct! He made the comment I’ll get you on the way back. Dispatcher blows off the operator security concern.

The Go Ahead playing Rambling Rod as usual!

More mentally Ill! You know what Im thinking! Shut the F Up! Send em to the ditch! Mental Health response team?

7201 Ditch!

7201 Missed the turn

2069 Loud&Verbal So many mentally ill! Send the crisis response team!

7005 Operator I’ll Another upset stomach. Must be the nice weather.

939 Loud&Verbal Tying it up!

939 He got off. Cancel police

Oncoming police car

Road SUP says that’s not my area. 9107 Powell&50th Loud&Verbal

7867 Piss bus


1502 Operator I’ll

1502 Operator I’ll

7669 5th call on this guy. He’s at Tigard TC.

7704 Just Drive!

1706 Issues with the max signal

7675 Hes smoking meth in the bus shelter and talking to himself. 3rd call on this disposable individual.

7675 They got him off the property. He took a swing at one of the security guards.

7668 Erratic individual at Meridian park Hospital


. 4th call on this guy. Operator nervous.

7668 Send him to the ditch and be done with it.

1702 The Englishman Bus


Vs Bus Ratting other driver out on the bus mall.

867 The response to Bus


Vs. Bus



1702 The Englishman! Bus


vs. Bus


Shouldn’t have called it in dude.....

7673 Loud&Verbal This must be the guy from the line 12 earlier. Dispatch obviously didn’t alert other busses.

Scanner Star

Medium star

It’s Mike

Silent Alarm

Police cars revolving light

Sounds False!

Line 17 He’s in my face. My partner is on the phone with 9-11 What happened? He reached around the glass. Dispatcher says we’ve had a hole list of them today.

9121 In operators face trying to open his barrier door.

9121 He got off. Operator ok.

7201 Call SA by phone

7239 Beer

Beer mug

1201 Customer Conduct He won’t get off! Dispatch says go take your break.

1201 He got off.

7009 Damage on my bus during the pre-trip

1702 The Englishman. Ditch!!!

Little Leon Operator Paranoid about SIP

9103 Ditch!

7334 Domestic Dispute

9103 Sending police

Oncoming police car

to 7334 Domestic incident. Victim for police assistance.

Scanner Star

Medium star

9102 Someone at Hollywood TC requesting medical. Sounds like he needs a nice ditch.

7241 Loud&Verbal Threatened other passengers.

1269 Customer Conduct Really Loud&Violent. Operator is visibly shaken.

1269 He’s off the bus. He hit my front doors.

9121 Hopefully she’ll stay out of the road.

Lady heading down Powell. Warn other busses.

7234 Really Loud&Verbal Biohazard

Biohazard sign

7234 Tied up! Loud&Verbal

2034 Fogging solution on the seat.

936 He wants medical


. His legs hurting and he’s a biohazard

Biohazard sign

Dispatch says you have to stop

Stop sign

936 6th&Alder He’s drinking on the bus


Thank God the supervisor is here.

9106 Heading to 6th&Alder

936 Man harassing women and he’s a Biohazard

Biohazard sign

. Let’s give him a nice ditch to stay in overnight ⁦

5776 Looks like the bus was early. It was the last one to Forrest Grove.

5776 What did the passenger ultimately decide? I guess he’s stuck! He just needs to get home and disappointed. Bus was early.

57 running six minutes hot the entire trip

5773 11:43 To Forrest Grove?

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