Friday, January 15, 2021



408 he's in the ditch "fraudulent 20 mph sign" 410 "i need the police" here's the covert, can hear talking "the guy stole shoes from him"

7238 "he's saying I took my foot off the brake and yelling at everybody" "I'm gonna roll" 673 "he chased one of the passengers around the bus shelter" there's a man and woman

tell her to die in a ditch tell him to get lost she's trying to save them it's COBB! dispossessed "smells rank" driver recommends KTA

7515 REAR ENDED they took off person who was driving didn't have a license-I got a Picture the fender is back and the bus tail is flipped up

2040 priority "never mind" 7242 "ripping stickers off the windows for masks" started with asking him to wear a mask, he left 870 "huge shards of glass"

4401 **FIRED** 5534 "my shoulder is bothering me" 5776 "really bad headache and started coughing"

1904 "i got a whole bag of pills" 822 missed the turn once an hour service on the 44? fail leader in technology they fixed it-rider tripped

1270 "the bathroom door was open" LOL 202 "problem child, fare evader" sounds KTA to me 5774 "he asked her if she wanted to shoot up meth" bus stop shattered

7702 "no cleaners" they leave at 8pm no they are there 0830-1030 4402 "why do I get all the whack jobs" "she's got practically nothing on"

671 another tent on fire 1270 "I am not a crazy man who wears a tin foil hat" LOL! He said he's gonna make it quick and it was 4 minutes "I keep hearing about the plots going on" OMG

263 no heat 473-smoking on the bus-they left car crashed into a pole 263 "threatening other passengers with a sharp object"

Max fails again 946 operator ill-stomach problems 937 "he has definite mental issues" good background LOL! 7237 "I ran into the protesters"

5774 PULLED for max-FAILED TRANSIT SYSTEM 7507 woman that attacked him is on Sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the spit didn't hit him 7005 missed the turn

5774 bus bridge cancelled-what a waste "everybody was shook up when he threw the bottle" 𝓣𝓗𝓔 𝓔𝓝𝓖𝓛𝓘𝓢𝓗𝓜𝓐𝓝 1701 fall

240 finds drivers cell 675 "he just decided to lay down in the walkway" 669-bio "combination of urine/fecal" 2070 "guy with a cat letting it run around" LOL!

3401 "she says she's dying because she's so depressed" moved her into the ditch 939 "she put one knee down on the floor" 7735 no cleaners if their are riders

"car in front of me ran over a bicycle" (no injury apparently) leave her to die in the ditch "she's mean" "you need to call us first when stuff like this happens"

7672 "combative" put on by "security" (ship them out of town) 244 "man is lighting needles on fire" LOL??

2040 "I think I'm actually lost this is ridiculous I think I'm at the zoo" LOLOLOL! "can't see a damn thing" "follow the 63 route, have you every drove the 63" "Never, this is like April Fools Joke" LOLOLOL

4403 enduring torture 7245 OPERATOR ILL "I think I'm running a fever" 2034 enduring torture this poor gal 411 didn't do reroute

409 missed the turn 1406 "does he have a weapon" "Not that i can see" background "he was chanting die" 404 enduring torture

66 was blocking the 8 7247 left his keys in the porta potty 9671-mask drama 5775 dirty windows no penguin-just drive

1403-sick man from the ditch "he passed out and is coughing and sweating" (they threw him out of the hospital) "they gave him morphine and oxycontin"

7507 "I just got attacked by a transient I had to run away to get away from her" holy shit. driver been there for 28 years "we don't monitor video or audio"

"the wonderful" scanner star--Just drive 7871 was being blocked by a person so more undetermined mayhem "he's standing in the middle of the street stopping traffic"

1510 Passenger requests police

Oncoming police car

1510 Some sort of drama...

1510 He wants police

Oncoming police car

at Tigard. It doesn’t work like that.

1510 Stop were you are

1510 Stay at the transit center. Wait for police

Oncoming police car

and pull over.

1510 Police are on the bus. Send Ready for service when ready to roll.

668 Fountain of water spraying all over.

Radio Star

Medium star

Some sort of customer conduct issue! Don’t leave for 8 more minutes!

Bus at anchor & Chanell. Operator having trouble with passenger.

7234 Partner going to make announcement on your bus.

7234 More on the customer conduct.

1274 Needle in ADA section. He injected it and took the needle.

5667 Dead Deer


on the merlo max platform.

5268 Dead dog


on merlo max platform.

7205 Silent alarm

Police cars revolving light

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