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He was installed by that crook Kitzhaber, who resigned in disgrace, as the president even though he had nothing to do with Trimet until that point. Rick Van Beverin was kicked off the board.

The first thing to mention here is how Bruce not only went a year and a half over his legal term limit (9 1/2 total years) But he also violated state law be being president of the board for the entire time.

Its pretty obvious to me why the politicians (agents of the oligarchy) installed him directly as the president and left him there in violation of the state law. This man was a master at deflection. He handled that job like a true pro, never once losing his temper and handling the public so skillfully I wonder why he didn't run for political office himself. The purpose of the Trimet board of directors is to provide cover for the general manager and deflect the publics criticism. This guy came into office at the exact same Time that Mcfarlane began his war on the union and the riders. Everything that was done by Mcfarlane was rubber stamped by the board and spearheaded by Warner. Let's go through some of the list.

  All the current Trimet retirees were lied to, its that simple. 

We were told one thing and were given another.  
Sold out by  our company and our union. We were promised health benefits in our retirements and it was stripped away from us While I blame Mcfarlane primarily I don't hold Bruce Hansen harmless

All the new employees were stripped of the defined pensions. Now they are all stuck in that huge casino called the "stock market". And we know who owns most of the stocks don't we? The top 10% of the population that holds most of the wealth.

Mcfarlane gave himself and all his hand picked cronies a raise in secret with the approval of Bruce Warner who also handed Kelsey an extra $30,000 before he walked his ass back to Canada never to be seen again. 

The "unfunded obligations" were allowed to get higher higher and higher under the leadership of 
Warner. The way they are cutting those obligations is to cut benefits for present and future employees.

The bus service has been savaged so the endless capital projects max expansion projects can continue. Trimet ridership had been flat for over a decade with the introduction of the light rail. Ridership was no longer important to the "leaders" aka WARNER. And even in the middle of this "pandemic" the capital projects have suffered zero cutbacks. The bus riders on the other hand, they suffer daily at the hands of the unaccountable TriMet "leaders".

The abolition of fareless square along with "short hopper" and "2 zone" tickets forcing all riders to pay the highest fares was another of Mcfarlanes/Warner's great accomplishments. They went full scorched earth on the hapless riders
I had formulated an entire list of unethical  practices under Mcfarlane/ Warner. you can read them all right here!

While the elites congratulate this consummate insider on a job well done, I say he was probably one of the worst presidents of the board possible because all the worst things happened under his watch. 

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