Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ACTUAL SNOW-in portland

It finally started snowing, around 10pm in Portland. Does it vindicate TRIMET with its "chains all day" policy"
I say not at all. People were late to work for no reason, drivers and passengers were subjected to the worst sort of pollution, and the system became unreliable, well before it was necessary.
I personally can live with the chains, earplugs and a short work shift.
But the drivers that have to deal with this all day for 10+ hours for basically no reason, and everybody who was late to work this morning, they did not deserve that sort of treatment.

This is the sort of event that occurs when people who don't use the system and don't understand the system end up in charge.
From their ivory tower they think they are doing the public some sort of favor.
All they do is discourage people from using the transit system and make their drivers sick.
It would have been much more effective, and far fewer people affected, if they had just waited for the snow to hit, then dealt with it.

Just saying.....But I am a nobody.....

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Anonymous said...

Snow downtown?
and Al, you're not a nobody. You're just a crazy trimet bus driver who blogs...the good sorta crazy. ;-)