Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Raw video: Skateboarder rage caught on tape - The Globe and Mail


Al M said...

Notice that ADVANCED transit systems have AUDIO as well as video.

Not at our backwater Podunk transit district.

Anonymous said...

Aka, idiot with a death wish attacks bus

punkrawker4783 said...

"Christopher Evans is suing the Vancouver Police Department, which released this video, for injuries caused by a police dog that bit his leg during an arrest. Mr. Evans says he had broken the window of a bus with his skateboard out of frustration after buses failed to stop for him"

Hes SUING over the video for being a JACKASS! I hope they make a bigger JACKASS out of him!!

From the looks of the video, he was not at a stop. Secondly, Its Vancouver, the buses come OFTEN!!

Al M said...

He's got anger issues and his case is probably sunk after this video was released..